Liberalism on its Way to Utopia

Atlantic Abomination 02

The artist is the redoubtable Ed Emshwiller (1925 – 1990), famous for his longtime affiliation with Galaxy magazine.  He painted the scene for the cover of the Ace paperback edition of John Brunner’s Atlantic Abomination (1960).  At first I was going to entitle it “Hillary – 2016.”  In light of the recent thread on sacrifice, I chose a new title.

6 thoughts on “Liberalism on its Way to Utopia

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    • The Atlantic Abomination is Brunner’s version of Lovecraft’s Call of Cthulhu, but with a plot. Geologists exploring the Mid-Atlantic Ridge find archeological remains, which they foolishly open – releasing the “Abomination” of the title. This is a creature with immense telepathic-hypnotic powers who enslaves any receptive mind within the radius of his mental potency. He thinks of himself as a god although Brunner makes clear that he is a mere creature, utterly deluded. I’ve forgotten how the protagonists of the story defeat the menace. Maybe I should re-read it!

  3. This post is getting old already, but this image reminds me of nothing so much as the media’s current insistence that we greet “Caitlyn” Jenner as if “she” were a god.


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