Living Beyond the Pale

Back when the West was sane, egregious transgressors of the traditional customs of the city were exiled to the wilderness beyond the pale – i.e., beyond the palisade (of poles, or pales, or piles) that walled the settlement, and constituted it a polis. The worst of them were also bewildered – led deep into the forest blindfolded and lightly bound, so that when they finally struggled free they would be hopelessly lost (criminals were of course just killed).

Nowadays we all live among a people who have as one body ventured forth without the pale, bound and bewildered themselves.

Our problem, then, at least severally, is to loosen our bonds, tear off our blindfolds, and find our way back to the city. But as we do so, we must be careful not to arouse too much notice from the tyrants who have emptied the town and loudly howled to attract the wolves, or they shall kill us as dangerous traitors. We must just disappear from amongst them, as if we had been eaten.

5 thoughts on “Living Beyond the Pale

  1. Poetic.

    This subject of doing what we do via stealth is an interesting one. Obviously most of the work at this stage utilizes an online format, and I very much doubt many of the people engaged in it are using Tor or some other proxy service (which may be illegal in various countries soon, if the reports are to be believed)

    Anyone can view these works and indeed they are extremist and radical. But we are under the radar even so. I have seen a couple of articles addressing Reactionary blogospheres, they popped up in the middle of last year, but less attention has been paid since then. I would theorize that they were uncovered for ‘footnote interest’ via the Manosphere, which attracted attention itself after the Elliot Rodger incident in California. One can follow a spider’s web of more mainstream blogs back to these kinds of hyper-Traditionalist publications.

    However, people who do sniff at what we are up to usually either ignore it and mock it as a fringe movement with no support, or voice their warning call and nobody pays attention.

    As recently as this week, pseudo-conservative American huckster Glenn Beck was releasing a paranoia-laden expose on Alexandr Dugin, the Russian purveyor of ‘Eurasianism’, a region-centric, somewhat krypto-Reactionary theory gathering steam in that country. This little production was full of glaring factual errors and mis-characterizations, but even so the man is ringing his little liberty bell. As to your analogy, “help! they’re trying to escape Modern enslaement! Stop them!”, but nobody is listening and that’s just the way we want it.

    For now at least, we remain veiled in the shadows of obscurity, growing every month, attracting welcome interest from those who have become disillusioned with liberal democracy. We can hope that by the time anyone of importance becomes suspicious of this Reactionary fifth column in the West, it will be too late for them to do anything about it.

    • We’ll remain irrelevant to the predominant discourse of society until the nakedness of the Emperor becomes inescapably apparent to all (perhaps because he has a sword through his guts). Then all of a sudden we’ll be relevant.

      In the meantime, we can hide in plain sight, so long as we are not too noisy, because our natural coloration looks to the Enemy like that of a harmless kook.

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  3. We’re still here, behind the palisade. Everybody else has left, thinking the boundary too restrictive, reactionary, bigoted and outdated. Now we are surrounded by hostile forces, intent on battering down the walls and obliterating the recognisably alien polis at the centre of their brave new world.

    For a while they were content with their sense of moral and intellectual superiority, but that never offered sufficient sustenance, and the raids and the full-on assaults on the shaky walls began to mount up.

    Now the pathologies within the wonderland of complete freedom and compulsory tolerance have begun to break out, and the world without borders or structure or limits is beginning to look bewildering. The blindfold is slipping, and no amount of re-tying will keep it in place. A world without borders of structure or limits _is_ the wilderness, and the most savage predators of this wilderness have long ago removed their blindfolds.

    Hey, you out there, do you want to come back inside the walls? You must hope that we, the remnant, have been able, assisted by our help in ages past, to maintain them against your attacks.


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