Seen on Facebook: Modern Advice


You see?  What’s wrong with your life is that you are not selfish enough.  What’s wrong with your life is that you accept human relationships which do not benefit you.  What’s wrong with your life is that you are not sufficiently entertained.  What’s wrong with your life is that you are too reticent to pursue good feelings.  Plus, you’ll feel better after you fill those hooks with new clothes.

Women seem to really, really hate one another.

16 thoughts on “Seen on Facebook: Modern Advice

  1. Not only do they hate each other, but also their own offspring. Don’t tell anyone, but I have it on good authority the woman who posted that photo on facebook is a Deacon in her church. Lol.

  2. Can you imagine seeing twaddle like this printed on gear aimed at men?

    I sense a marketing opportunity here for shaving kits proclaiming: “Be with who makes you smile!” And shot glasses that read “Do what makes you happy!”

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    • Ita Scripta Est,

      I rather miss your blog; its absence is a definite loss for sane reactionaries — it’d be embarrassing (but truthful) to admit that I only read Modestinus for your comments.

  4. “Do what makes you happy” → “Women seem to really, really hate one another.”

    There seem to be some missing inferential steps here.

    • He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it. -Matthew 10:39

      True happiness, or perhaps contentment is a less loaded term in modernity, is not found in the pursuit of pleasure.

    • Only when your world view impedes your ability (or willingness) to follow the train to the caboose. Which is fine by me if that is what you want to do, but don’t insult us by playing dumb when everyone knows you aren’t.

      Some years ago I was asked to provide “expert testimony” for the prosecution in a case involving a second-rate labor job done by illegal alien laborers employed by a fellow contractor in my area. I didn’t *want* to testify against the guy since I know him fairly well, and like him, but the lawyer for the prosecution insisted, else he’d summon me to testify by court order. In any event, on cross-examination the defense lawyer asked about “acceptable tolerances” according to ANSI standards. After a short back-and-forth exchange between us I pointed out that general ANSI standards imply the use of interpolation; that his holding strictly to the letter of what the ANSI code stated was an abuse of the standards, ignoring the spirit in which they were written. Same principle applies here. Or … what nathanjevans said.

  5. Such asinine ‘feel good’ sayings are to be found on all manner of accessory decor nowadays. Nice secular warm fuzzies to make the feminist Moderns hate their miserable lives just a little less.

    Embrace hedonism! Yes! Let the fleeting fancies of the fallen mind keep the hollow void in your heart feeling full. Like replacing a wife with a blow-up doll, these kinds of tchotchkes are substitutes for real advice on the good life, Scripture.

    • Scripture? Look, the job of Christians is to work on Pagans. The woman who wrote this is no Pagan, she is much below the level of Pagans.

      Paganism needs to be restored before Christianity can be restored on top of it.

      By Paganism I mean that simple and efficient worldview that life can be made fulfilling by focusing our simple yet powerful biological instincts: family, kids, relatives, tribe, feminity and masculinity, maidens, mothers, warriors and chieftains.

      This woman could be first cured with a good dose of this kind of Paganism. Then she could become Christian on top of that.

      • Agreed! Very Lewisian of you to bring that up.

        The Modern is the antithesis of antiquity (or as Mark Citadel would put it, ‘The World of Tradition’), and all that it represents. So as such, I find it very unlikely that we can just make good Christians out of Moderns. Certain individuals, maybe, but not nations. No.

        Christianity was the great converter of the pagan, the subsumer of it, the purifier of it, the savior of it. It flourished in this capacity, and it’s no surprise that the greatest of Christian epochs, the Middle ages, came in the wake of this mass conversion of western pagan man. The Medieval man saw himself as true heir to both the Old law of the Old testament, and the Pagan law of his ancestors, both subsumed in, and completed by, the New law of the Church. The Old law prepared the way for the New. And the Pagan law created the world that allowed the New law to spread and flourish. His civilization was the fulfillment of God’s divine plan.

        A wonderful example of this view of history and the destiny of European/Christian man is the cult of the nine worthies. Used as models and examplars of Chivalry, these warriors were divided up into three triads (made of three men apiece) each representing one of the laws of which Christendom was made:

        Joshua, King David, and Judas Maccabeus for the Old (hebraic) law.
        Hector, Alexander the Great, and Julius Caesar for the Pagan law.
        King Arthur, Charlemagne, and Godfrey of Bouillon for the New law.

        Sometimes I’m worried by my fellow traditional Catholics (as seen in places like The Remnant and Rorate Caeli) who always seem like they want to just return the Faith to the 1800s, as though that’s where we ought to be shooting for. If we are shooting for anything, or at least in need of a guide to help us, the medieval is far more worthy of our time than the liberal moderns of the 19th century.

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