I Self-Identify as a Billionaire

In fact, I self-identify as a multi-billionaire. So everyone must treat me as if that’s just what I am. Especially banks and merchants, those dogs.

Not only that, but I self-identify as young, fit, and irresistibly attractive to women. So that’s how they have to treat me.

Finally, I self-identify as a brilliant polymath and profound philosopher, a sage with perfect knowledge of all truth. That’s how I know that my self-identifications are correct. So listen up, OK?

10 thoughts on “I Self-Identify as a Billionaire

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  2. That is the local version of the most useful truth for you. I refuse it. Because you are privileged and hetero white. Therefore I get to define you. And I define you as privileged and hetero white. Therefore I have defined you. (Yes I am hetero white too but I have been educated and you have not so I can still define you.) (No you cannot define me because your truth is local to you only.) Therefore there is no God. I am god.

    • I reciprocate by saying the same thing back at you:

      That is the local version of the most useful truth for you. I refuse it.

      So we are at stalemate, and cannot converse at all.

      It’s the fulfillment in society of the individualist atomism our masters want to impose upon us. Now none of us can talk to each other. All we can do is turn and reckon the state.

  3. Ah, you self-identify as a billionaire but you have mistakenly been born into the body of a non-billionaire. Surely the government has a moral obligation to provide you with free injections of cash so that your internal and external states are harmonious.

  4. http://www.frontpagemag.com/2013/dgreenfield/forget-transgender-get-ready-for-transpecies/

    Just like Kristor, the author of this article is being facetious, but little does he know that all he is doing is describing the next Revolution towards turning America from a historic nation into a freakshow. There are these things called furries and “otherkin” who are basically closeted zoophiles. They too use the same sort of language that trannies use, how they don’t feel human and what not.

    Right now, all “decent” people find them disgusting but it will be in no time when every “right-thinking” individual will be supportive of these freaks and anyone who opposes such depravity will become “bigots” and “haters”.


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