Straight Orthodoxy

Orthodox Street in Philadelphia runs only one way. It passes Saint Mary’s Malankara Syrian Orthodox Cathedral and skirts the Roman Catholic church of Saint John Cantius.

Orthodox Street


“Street” is “straight.” It is also “strait,” of course. But, Orthodox Street is not particularly narrow.

Here’s Saint Mary’s Mankara Cathedral:

St Mary's Mankara Syrian Orthodox Cathedral

Here’s Saint John Cantius:

Saint John Cantius.Philadelphia

8 thoughts on “Straight Orthodoxy

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    • Never yet saw a gym with a floor tiled in marble, or with elaborately carved oak wainscoting to a height of 12 feet. Those are both pretty normal Gothic touches. St. John Cantius does not seem to have been built as a grand place. It’s a little neighbourhood church. Would that a tenth of the churches now in use were half as beautiful. Consider:

      • Protestant Churches used to be beautiful (almost all buildings used to be more beautiful than most of what we throw up today, for that matter): austere, but dignified and noble. Consider, at the limit:

        But more and more often, they look like this:

      • California contains the ugliest church buildings in the world, between Mahoney’s monstrous Cathedral in LA to the idiotic Diocese of Orange which apparently felt the need to purchase the Cyrstal Cathedral. See modernist Catholic dioceses spare no expense on these obscene structures, but request a Latin Mass? We can’t do that! Why we are the Church of the poor!

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