Two Articles of Possible Interest

Writer Michael Presley has written about Chinese cinema, under the title “Visions of China: The Nationalist Spirit in Chinese Political Cinema,” at The People of Shambhala. Presley is an impressive and thorough connoisseur of the Chinese motion-picture tradition. I recommend Presley’s article to readers of The Orthosphere. It is here:

At The Brussels Journal, I review Gregory Copley’s new book Un-Civilization. Copley argues that the world is in the middle stage of a systemic breakdown that is driven by the hypertrophy of cities and will end in their collapse; the whole process will see a drastic shrinkage of the global population.  It is here:

4 thoughts on “Two Articles of Possible Interest

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  2. Good reading about Copley’s book. I live in a smaller city, not a place one might think when you say “megapolis” and “hypertrophy” (I think of Los Angeles), yet I see things fraying all around me. For example, the roads are deteriorating faster than they are maintained. There’s no will, or there’s no money, or the road grid is just too complex to keep up.

    I did notice the bit of unintentional humor at the end, seemingly the fate of anyone on the internet mentioning grammar, spelling, etc.:

    “An author, asked to edited himself, never catches all of his errors.”

    • Yes — I am abundantly guilty of the transgression although better editorship on the recipient end of my prose would have caught some of my self-embarrassing blunders over the years.

      Drudge linked an article today that testifies on behalf of Copley just as your observation does. California’s population is about to hit forty million (when I was a high-school student at the end of the 1960s, it was just below twenty million), but California’s rural areas are suffering acute depopulation. The same is true in New York State. NYC and the other big cities have swelling populations and the statewide population continues to rise, but Upstate New York is steadily losing population.


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