3 thoughts on “Odessa

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  2. Yes, this is terrible.

    Maybe Nuland and Kerry unleashed the monster of civil war and such monster can’t be stopped easily. It wouldn’t be the first time the American progressives started out something without sufficient knowledge of local facts and then things turned out to be very different (Versailles treaty etc.). Or perhaps they don’t want to stop it. Letting nazis do the dirty work of provoking Russians to intervene would strengthen legitimity of Kiev government.

    On the other hand it seems plausible that Russians (soldiers, volunteers or whatever) are involved in what is happening in the east of Ukraine which certainly adds to escalation. Their motto seems to be “if you can do it we can do it as well.” So now we have all the “declarations of independence” and “referenda”. They are neither lawful nor helpful to calm down the situation. The scenario of (big) brother’s help is as old as intervention to Czechoslovakia in 1968 and these events make it more likely. This understanding of Ukrainian crisis is quite popular here. Personally, I don’t know. It’s difficult to trust anything of the cold war propaganda on either side.

    Life is now harder for people of Ukraine as the government raised price of gas. And it will be harder for EU citizens when they start to pay Ukrainian debt.


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