Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

Today is the one hundredth anniversary of the death of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain of Maine, Governor, College Professor and Civil War officer. Chamberlain is probably best known for his defense of Little Round Top during the second day of the battle of Gettysburg, during which his unit, the Twentieth Maine, held off the Rebels with a surprise bayonet counterattack.

To honor his memory, American Thinker has published my essay on Chamberlain. My thesis is that Chamberlain’s unique greatness was his combination of toughness and sensitivity, and I seek to convey some of this greatness with a selection of quotes from his writings.

3 thoughts on “Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

    • It’s a conventional term. Besides, the Confederates sometimes called themselves Rebels. As in, for example, the “Rebel yell.”

      And in the linked article, I’m respectful of the Confederates.

  1. I read The Killer Angels in seventh grade and felt like I came to know the historical characters in the book intimately. Since then, Chamberlain has represented the Union soldier in my imagination, just as Longstreet became the Southern rep. What fine men!

    If you want your children to appreciate the war, its significance, and its costs, I recommend that novel. It adds flesh to the conflict.


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