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Here’s something I’m excited about.  Orthosphere-contributor “Proph” has decided to return to the public a bunch of old posts from his excellent prior blog, Collapse:  The Blog.  Collapse was my favorite blog for a while, and as Proph re-releases more posts, you’ll be able to see why.

“Conservatives are stupid and crazy, say totally unbiased social scientists”.  How many times have you seen a headline like that?  Now Radish has gathered up all these reports and subjected them to the debunking they deserve.  As a side-effect, any residual respect for the social science you have might not survive reading that link.

The Vatican II that might have been.  (Hat tip to Phillip Blosser.)  Five of the original schemas drawn up by the preparatory commission (headed by Cardinal Ottaviani) for the second Vatican council have been translated into English.  Compared to the council’s final documents, they are admirably clear and unambiguous.  I note that there was a whole schema on marriage and chastity, and it has a chapter on male headship.

UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has issued a report on the Holy See demanding that the Catholic Church embrace abortion, sodomy, and contraception.  When will the Church accept that the United Nations is irredeemably evil?

My series on Catholicism continues with a post on faith and the sacraments.

Last link on Catholicism–I promise!  Patrick Deneen on the more interesting intra-Catholic battle, the one waged between what he calls too different wings of conservative Catholicism, but that I would call real conservative Catholics vs. Americanist heretics.

For the Olympics, here’s Pat Buchanan asking “Is Vladimir Putin a paleoconservative?”  He’s certainly a paragon of sanity compared to any ruler in the West.

10 thoughts on “Some links

  1. Great news about Proph’s blog going back up! I think his was the second traditionalist blog I started reading (or third; can’t remember if I discovered his blog or The Thinking Housewife earlier).

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  3. I most of Deneen’s works and i hope this debate gets more noterity. The only misstep I saw was Deneen claiming that the opportunistic and schismatic Rod Dreher is somehow on the Catholic traditionalist side. People like Dreher are part of the problem.

    • Can you say what in that article makes you think Putin is insane? It’s a long book review, so I have not read it very carefully, but I don’t see anything that would lead one to think that. Given what a hit piece it is trying to be, it reads kind of like an endorsement of the guy, actually.

      The main points, I think:

      The writer’s heart bleeds for Khodorkovsky, one of the thieves who looted Yeltsin’s Russia, who, I guess, Putin was mean to. Putin is not a big fan of democracy. Putin sometimes alludes in speeches to the US-Yeltsin organized looting of Russia. The writer does not like the way hostage crises are handled:

      An operational pattern emerges from these instances: Saving hostages is a tertiary issue; negotiations are a sign of weakness; killing hostage-takers, all of them and as quickly as possible, regardless of their demands or willingness to negotiate, is the key.

      Of course, this way of handling terrorists is not Putin-specific, it is Russian-specific and long predates Putin. It is also not obvious that it is either immoral or imprudent.

      Some people were murdered (the writer seems to think on Putin’s orders, but not much actual evidence is presented). There is corruption. Putin has gotten rich as leader of Russia—kinda like American presidents do.

      This is pretty lame stuff.

  4. Dr. Bill,

    If you want to be willfully blind to Putin’s corruption (i.e. he’s not just “getting rich” like American presidents), disregard for the rule of law (that’s what “being mean to Khodorkovsky” is all about), possible complicity in terrorist attacks against his own people, etc. — be my guest. Yes, the review and the book are hit pieces because Putin is no friend to Christian decency, basic ethics, rule of law, etc.

    Again, the fact that he has adopted policies that we as trads applaud is no reason to overlook the fact that he is (a) just as corrupt and greedy as the so-called robber barons who looted the country in the 90s; (b) wields his power to crush his personal enemies and reward his friends; (c) might have been involved in crimes against his own people.

    • But you haven’t distinguished any of these things from the sort of routine corruption which is endemic to political power, much less argued that they are evidence of insanity. The fact that American politicians get rich is proof, or at least very strong evidence, that they are corrupt. The fact that the IRS targets presidents’ political adversaries is a violation of the rule of law. People who are inconvenient in one way or another to American presidents and American presidential candidates drop dead in rather odd ways all the time. Etc.

      Surely you would not claim that Vladimir Putin is as or more evil than George W Bush.

      • Your reply to me suggests you are not someone who is intellectually serious — you throw around false factual and moral equivalence throughout this reply.

        Yes, of course Putin is more evil than Bush; he doesn’t get a pass for his crimes because he has more sensible views on immigrants!

      • No Fake Herzog, there is no equivalence between Bush and Putin, Bush is worse under any reasonable metric. You want to talk about body count and genocide? Bush wins hands down with his Iraq misadventure and for what to spread freedom(license) and feminism? Americans ought to look to their own sins and stop crusading around the world. Don’t accuse me of being an admirer of Putin as I am not.


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