Needless to say, the most important new thing on the internet is part II of my series on Catholicism, connecting part I‘s discussion of the power of natural symbols to the doctrine of the Atonement and setting the stage for part III on the sacraments.

Women who don’t submit to their husbands don’t submit to God.  Nice to have the Church of England acknowledge it, even though they think that non serviam is an acceptable attitude for a Christian to have.  I don’t say this to poke fun; I know perfectly well that my own communion is in an even more lamentable state.

Why does the continued existence of humanity after our personal deaths matter so much to us?  A fascinating exploration of the issue by Samuel Scheffler respectfully critiqued by Mark Johnston.

African American Studies programs explained!  How stupid must these UNC folks be?  It would have been so easy to actually sit their football players in a classroom for a couple of hours a week to bitch about how racist North Carolina and hand out A’s at the end.  Then who would have dared say nothing of academic merit was going on?

Dalrock on the culture’s vigilance in protecting women from the joys of selfless love:

Modern women are warned constantly that acts of service and caring for others are traps they must avoid at all costs, lest they be tricked into a spirit of love and selflessness and “lose themselves”. The very idea of cooking, cleaning, and caring for her husband and family are repulsive and terrifying to the modern woman. If unable to avoid an act of service altogether, modern women are taught to diligently fortify their hearts with a spirit of resentment while doing the act to prevent a spirit of love and selflessness from entering. This sense of determined miserliness extends even to the modern woman’s marital bed. Should even a slight sense of selflessness somehow slip though, modern women are constantly reminded to “be true to themselves” and stamp out any thoughts of love, loyalty, and doing for others before they grow into something terrifying.  A woman who is even suspected of serving others is urgently prescribed a treatment of “pampering themselves” to reorient their frame of mind back to selfishness.

John C. Wright wants to save science fiction from “strong female characters”.

There’s been an outbreak of activity from the internet Overton window police expressing outrage that neoreactionaries and orthospherians should dare reject the intellectual prison known as “the Enlightenment” and its demon god Liberty.  An educational project on our side is obviously appropriate, and I’m sure one of my colleagues or I will get around to it as soon as our current projects are off the plate.

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  1. In my 1996 Chronicles article “Science Fiction: R.I.P.,” I wrote about the destructive feminization of the genre. Feminism was the PC wedge into science fiction. Paperback publishers like Ballantine Books began in the 1970s to market titles to a teenaged-girl readership by exploiting the dragon-and-dolphin brand (as it might be called), as exemplified by Anne McCaffery’s Dragon Riders of Pern. A precursor was Marion Zimmer Bradley’s “Darkover” series, published and promoted by Ace Books. The most deprived people under post-literacy, about which I have been writing, are adolescent males, who have been systematically deprived of attractive reading material.

    • Prof. Bertonneau raises and interesting point (by way of reply to Wright’s “Saving Science Fiction from Strong Female Characters” John C. Wright’s Journal online).

      As an aside, Heinlein is often denounced by the Progs for harbouring authoritarian attitudes, promoting fascistic political theory, or seeding reactionary ideas in the minds of the young. Perhaps such denunciations would never treated seriously by readers of this blog but such criticisms existence may suggest there might have been some illiberal current there worthy of further investigation. Of course, on closer inspection the accusations are without grounds. At best Heinlein is a hyper libertarian (see Stranger in a Strange Land).

      His books are of course replete with female supremacy, Friday perhaps being the best example. Even in his Starship Troopers, the fictional society is militantly gender egalitarian; the only deviation from that would be the lauding of the female pilots as ipso facto superior to male pilots, allegedly due to superior reflexes and so forth. The general motif in his other writings are ones where the female characters manipulate or play the males. This is a broad narrative, not solely a Heinlein phenomena of course, and can be seen it in fiction literature across various genres today.

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