Catholic perspectives

I think it’s dawning on many conservative Catholics that our Church is no longer obviously having any better success resisting modernity than any of the Protestant bodies.  Of course, the ongoing collapse that prompts this realization is evil, but the end of our complacency is for the best.  The “Protestantism=anarchy” apologetic was stupid and didn’t win converts; it just made us feel better.  Now we must reconsider and spell out precisely what it is about our Church that inspires our faith and loyalty.  I’m giving my own answer as a series at Throne and Altar; the first instalment is here.  Since this is an ecumenical site, I thought my old blog would be a better place for it, although Protestant and Orthodox readers will find that I do not criticize their doctrines or communions.  I do not find it necessary, because Catholicism does not define itself in opposition to any other denomination or religion.

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