Sellanraa’s Second Law of Religious Debate

“No religion in politics” means “no religion in right-wing politics.”

If a shoddily interpreted saying of Christ can be marshalled to support socialism, sodomy, or sacrilege, the “no religion in politics” crowd will be the first to jump on the bandwagon.

3 thoughts on “Sellanraa’s Second Law of Religious Debate

  1. I have discovered that when a secularist says that religion is just a bunch of man made rules invented to control the population, what they really mean is that they want to invent the rules that control the population. Because science.

  2. This seems to be true from observation. I can’t think of three or even one example now that I think about it of secular arguments being used against left pushing religious argumentation.

    Is this an indicator of how well humans do coalition politics? Are there really so very few people who are broken enough to stick to principles rather than social conventions preserving their coalition? Sailer’s Who-Whom rules all. Perhaps.

    Another explanation that it is consistent with this is Moldbug’s Progressivism as post-Christian heresy theory.


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