Sellanraa’s First Law of Religious Debate

The intelligence and learning of an atheist is inversely proportional to his tendency to share his atheism with everyone in sight.

(That, at least, is the impression you get if you hang around too long in Youtube comment threads, blog comboxes, or places where undergrads congregate.)

6 thoughts on “Sellanraa’s First Law of Religious Debate

  1. Recently I went to lunch with my friend “A” in a nice restaurant in my town. “A” is a superbly educated, culturally informed fellow who, however, is a non-degree-holder; he has (blessedly) lived his life entirely outside the academy. During the meal, another friend appeared in the same restaurant. “B” is a longtime professor at the institution where I teach, recently retired. “B” is best described as a Standard Academic Liberal and naturally as an atheist. As “B’s” luncheon partner had not yet shown up, he sat town at table in the meantime with “A” and me. I made an introduction. The first words out of “B’s” mouth after the introduction — completely unmotivated by anything that I had said — was a proclamation by “B” to “A” of “B’s” atheism, as if anyone cared or as if there was a need for “A” to know. Later, “A” remarked how bizarre the incident was, but I had to tell him that I had witnessed similar incidents countless times. Atheism, as I have come to understand it, is fervently evangelical, always broadcasting itself; it is a creed that can never shut up, no matter how ill-fitting the situation.

  2. There is a joke about another group with a similar tendency to broadcast their beliefs:

    Q: How can you tell if someone is a vegan?
    A: He’s already told you.

    Is it a coincidence that there is broad overlap between the two groups?

  3. I used to work for a tree cutting company and had a boss who though not formally educated was very well read at least in science and was constantly whining about religion often at random times and like any good atheist or leftist he always had some witticism to try and deflect criticism and avoid accountability for atheism or materialisms problems and dysfunctions. The best I could describe this guy as was an intelligent near schizophrenic. So I can completely agree that atheist can’t seem to not want to spread itself.


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