Out of the Antiworld

I have an essay in the current issue of Modern Age that’s available online through the Intercollegiate Review website. It gives an architectonic account of the various major political positions in present-day America that is intended to explain the necessity and awkward status of social conservatism. The piece started out as a lecture I gave a couple of years ago at a conference and then shortened and made a bit less specifically Catholic to fit into an officially non-Catholic publication. An excerpt:

Our current public order claims to separate politics from religion, but that understates its ambition. It aspires to free public life—and eventually, since man is social, human life in general—not only from religion but also from nature and history. The intended result is an increase in freedom as man becomes his own creator. The effect, though, is that human life becomes what those in power say it is.

6 thoughts on “Out of the Antiworld

  1. Mr. Kalb

    A fine article, I particularly liked how you defined the different political philosophies and stated that they are all different types of Liberalism, I totally agree. I also thought this was quite inspired:

    “Error cannot sustain itself. What allows the managerial liberal regime to function are habits of loyalty and sacrifice, and understandings of natural goods and purposes, which it continually undermines and cannot justify or explain.”

    Mark Moncrieff

  2. “The intended result is an increase in freedom as man becomes his own creator. The effect, though, is that human life becomes what those in power say it is.”

    Regarding this point, you may find ‘The Utopian Mind’, by Aurel Kolnai, and his essay: “The Meaning of the “Common Man” in his book ‘Privilege and Liberty and Other Essays in Political Philosophy’ especially revealing as to the inner logic behind man’s self-elevation. See also, ‘The City of Man’, by Pierre Manent.

  3. Hello James Kalb. I’ve written a response to your essay “Out of the Antiworld” you might be interested in. I thought the essay was overall very good with an interesting analysis of the different political factions. My main criticism is you aren’t giving the ordinary man enough credit for being able to resist the liberal order being imposed upon him.

    Also I’ve recently started my own website Secular Patriarchy; the website and myself being affiliated with the TWRAs or Traditional Women’s Rights Activists.

    So here’s the essay in response to you:

    Leaving the Antiworld behind; a response to James Kalb


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