Another rare moment of honesty (updated)

“The good is getting better and the bad is getting worse” is one of the unofficial mottoes of the Orthosphere. By “worse,” we typically mean “more obvious” — the bad is shucking off its unprincipled exceptions, increasingly acknowledging and embracing the depravity demanded of its first principles. There’s been a few cases of this here in Texas the last few weeks over an abortion-restricting bill currently being considered by the state legislature. Besides that “Hail Satan” moment I’m sure you’ve heard about, there’s this amazing and rarely honest article calling on men to oppose the bill in order to have more sex:

How #HB2 Hurts Straight Texas Men

Your sex life is at stake. Can you think of anything that kills the vibe faster than a woman fearing a back-alley abortion? Making abortion essentially inaccessible in Texas will add an anxiety to sex that will drastically undercut its joys. And don’t be surprised if casual sex outside of relationships becomes far more difficult to come by.

It’s clear: if the Legislature basically takes away a Texas woman’s right to choose, having sex becomes a much, much riskier proposition for women and men.

(Emphases in the original).

Whew! Well, at least they’re abandoning their ridiculously unprincipled jibber-jabber about “rights” they don’t have any basis to believe in. If you doubted it before, believe it now: abortion is mainly a means of letting degenerate sluts and cads gratify their obscene and disordered lusts without consequence.


A follow-up post from the same insufferable schmuck:

A full 95 percent of Americans have sex before getting married, and 93 percent have sex before the age of 30. 70 percent of sexually active Americans 21 and under have had a casual sexual encounter. In American culture, we’ve largely come to see that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with people making that choice.

Oh, the textbook narcissism of our degenerate enemies. “We do it, so it must be OK!” Move over, consensus of several thousand years of human history! Ben Sherman is here with his most of a bachelor’s degree in communications (or whatever) and he’s got some insights to share!

Yeah, we get that your opinion is radically at odds with the opinion of society in the 1950s (and the 1940s, and the 1930s, and the 1800s, and the 1700s, and most of the second millennium, and all of the first millennium, etc.). Which is, you know, sort of our point: that the scumbaggery of men like this, in thrall to leftist principles (to the extent there are any), is virtually without historical parallel.

The title got a chuckle out of me, too: “2013 or 1950? Conservatives Rail Against Having Sex Outside of Marriage.” The judgment is clear: he’ll happily endorse a mountain of dead babies if it means he can even potentially indulge his perverse desires… but at least he’s not old-fashioned!

31 thoughts on “Another rare moment of honesty (updated)

  1. Reblogged this on King of my blog and commented:
    The actions of these pro-abortion types are looking more and more desperate. They know that they are on the wrong side of the issue and are reaching outwards to try and find anything that can gain traction for their cause.

  2. Aside from the merits or otherwise of abortion, don’t you think you are making quite a leap by going from one random blog post to inferring what abortion rights supporters “mainly” believe?

    • A_morphous…

      Most “pro-lifers” fail to grasp that the true “nature” of abortion is, first and foremost, a female’s act of self-annihilation. Literally, an abortion is a female killing a part of herself. And so when you talk about the “merits” or “rights” of abortion then you are talking about exalting female self-annihilation as a “highest” value.

      In short, ALL bills set to restrict abortion are bills set to restrict the penchant for female self-annihilation.

      Why are you still sitting on the fence about abortion?

      Is it because ALL true liberationists hold self-annihilation as their “highest” value?

      • I thought the whole rationale for abortion prohibition was the idea that the embryo is an independent person. Now you are saying that it is a part of the mother. If so, then she has a right to with it what she wants.

        Maybe you want to rethink your argument, and also maybe town down the use of “scare quotes” which makes you seem either “insane” or “illiterate”.

      • While it is true that abortion is, like most other leftist-sanctioned activities, an act of self-annihilation, it is not because the baby is part of the mother, but rather, that by being the mother, natural law imbues certain duties in the mother towards her baby. There is no more perverse contradiction of these duties than killing one’s own baby. These duties flow from human nature, and hence to contradict them would be to contradict one’s own nature, id est, self-annihilation.

      • Proph,

        The point is that the “abortion as murder” has us at a standstill debating whether “murder” is an “extreme” stance. But first and foremost, abortion is an act of self-annihilation, i.e., the female actually kills a part of her SELF.

        Here there is no debate. And here we see that the radical liberationist MUST believe in abortion BECAUSE they FIRST believe in the “right” of self-annihilation, i.e., Final Liberation.

      • You might want to talk to that Buddhist guy who hangs out here (the celibate gay one), because I thought in Buddhism self-annihilation was a virtue. Christian mystics also celebrated it, of course.

      • I think Nilakantha would say that Buddhism properly effected annihilates, not so much the actuality of the self, as the self’s errant understandings. I hope he will correct me, if I have got something wrong in so saying.

        The same operation is expressed in Christian terms as the annihilation of idolatry.

        The result in Buddhism is moksha; in Christianity, the glorious liberty of the sons of God. Either way, it is liberation from the cage of being. But when one has been thus liberated, the being that had seemed a cage is, not gone, but *fully and properly done,* so that liberation from the strictures of Torah is achieved as and by the fulfillment of Torah (although precisely not by way of obeying the Torah one commandment at a time, but rather by adoration of the Logos himself). For the sinner, reality is a cage. For the saint, reality is the forecondition and proscenium of all action, the sine qua non of freedom.

        But in order to grapple with reality as she really is, one must get over oneself. The ascetic annihilation of the world, the flesh, the self, and the devil is really annihilation of the direction of our own ends, insofar as these diverge from their true and proper terminus in God. Love anything more than God, and you end up losing everything. Love God more than anything, and you get everything else in the bargain.

      • “Christian mystics also celebrated it, of course.”

        What do you think you’re doing here? Do you think you know the Christian faith better than we do, that you can presume to try to teach us about it? A normal person by this point would have embarrassed themselves into silence by now.

      • Religiously speaking, the annihilation of the self refers to its absolute submission to the spirit, i.e. logos or nous. This is not a falling into nothingness, i.e. evil, but an elevation to the Real. I have my doubts that promoting abortion as a way to get laid is anything but another poisoned fruit produced by the tree that is our reprobate society.

  3. A_morphous,

    In a post-liberation environment, the scare quotes were most properly placed.

    But it seems once again that your tactic is to simply confirm what I’ve said and then subtly avoid the substantive point.

    You BELIEVE in the female’s “right” to self-annihilate. Ergo, you MUST believe in abortion.

    Amorphous robot? Degenerate A.I.?

    • Besides, a woman doesn’t have a “right” to do with any part of herself as she wishes simply because “it” is a part of herself. I know that comes as a shocker to Mr. a.morphous, but there it is nevertheless.

  4. Pingback: Protests and Counter-Protests at the Texas Capitol | Resting in Apricity

      • Proph, do you live in Texas? Could you give me an email? I have a question about Catholic churches in Texas.

      • I’m three hours from Austin, so I only went on that Monday. If I could sum up the day, I’d say: fundamentalism. I’d never attended a protest or anything like that before, so my stomach turned at the thought of having to see the nastiness of liberals, but I have to give them credit. After all, nobody did spit on us. . . .

        Are you getting all this wonderful rain? A friend told me God is blessing us for passing the law. Rain is of course always a blessing here, and, as for that being due to us better aligning our laws to His, I have no objection.

  5. Self-interest is what makes the modern time so crushing. People are afraid to immolate the self, and to make it come secondary to anything, even reality itself. Thus we manipulate each other with self-interest, but inside of us, it’s like we manipulate ourselves as if we were someone else. Perhaps it is the moral choice in the soul manipulating the body, or the other way around. Either way, self-interest occludes reality and soon, only destructive options remain. For a temporary pleasure — 23 silver coins — we indulge in hubris and trade away the divinity of life for a tangible but ultimately meaningless distraction.

  6. Thank you for posting this. I am in Texas and am astonished at how brazen the evil has become. I believe we have reached a tipping point.

  7. “We do it, so it must be OK!” Move over, consensus of several thousand years of human history!

    Right, nobody had sex outside of marriage during all those millennia. And if they did, they damn well knew they shouldn’t have. (Actually I may agree with you guys in one respect, guilt makes sex sexier).

    Sexual intercourse began
    In nineteen sixty-three
    (which was rather late for me) –
    Between the end of the “Chatterley” ban
    And the Beatles’ first LP.
    — Philip Larkin

    On the other hand:

    • A_morphous,

      As your handle suggests, you desire to remain undefined. Nothing in particular. Which is to say, at least around here, you seek to keep your fundamental beliefs hidden.

      Let me help you.

      You believe in abortion BECAUSE you believe in the “right” to self-annihilate. And remember, this is a physical self-annihilation at the end of your day. That your spiritual and intellectual self are nonexistent is taken to be a given due your liberated “metaphysics.”

      Or, we can give you the benefit of our doubt and assume that you just don’t know what you actually believe?

  8. Right, nobody had sex outside of marriage during all those millennia. And if they did, they damn well knew they shouldn’t have. (Actually I may agree with you guys in one respect, guilt makes sex sexier).

    It’s exactly this kind of disjointedness of thought that makes interfacing with you people pointless and irritating.

    • A. Morphous says all you have to do is not care about all the men your wife slept with before you. Just forget about it. Now if that’s not a kind of Buddhist self-annihilation, I don’t know what is LOLZ. I’m sure she’ll ignore all the girls’ phone numbers in your cell phone, too!

  9. Mr. Brochoice doesn’t quite get it. No one is saying premarital sex started ca. 1963. But the glorification of PMS (interesting acronym) is something rather novel. Even though there have been immediate consequences (higher divorce rates, out-of-wedlock pregnancies and the ills it entails), promoters of PMS do not see complete societal collapse yet, so they do not grasp the impending doom.

    I am reminded of the scene from “Force Ten from Navarone” (great flick) *Spoilers*

    when they get to the dam to blow it up, the charges go off, and the characters start protesting that nothing happened, the engineer who designed the attack screwed up, we failed, etc. – they expected some big explosion and the dam blowing up. The engineer that designed the attacked sits back and lights his pipe, telling the other to wait and watch. The charges were set to compromise structural elements of the dam, and the force of the water behind it slowly causes fissures to appear, and after several minutes, the dam begins to crack under the force of the water behind it.

    The glorification of PMS (among many other things) is one of the many charges causing fissures in the dam that used to be the family unit. Give it time.


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