Why not a Catholic Society Instead of a Liberal Theocracy?

I claim that’s what Catholics should be going for in my most recent column at Catholic World Report. There’s some to-and-fro in the comments with Mark Brumley, the CEO of the outfit that publishes CWR, who seems to believe in American pluralism more than I do.

At bottom, I think the issue is that he starts his analysis with the current interpretation of Dignitatis Humanae, the Vatican II pronouncement on religious freedom, while I start mine with the normal relation between a political society and the goods those who take part in the society want to further and protect. If the influence of Catholicism on public life grew it seems the two would begin to point in different directions. As I suggest in the discussion, though, it seems to me the interpretation of DH would likely (and legitimately) shift in response to such a change. That’s the function of the expressions like “due limits” and “public morality” that are found in the document.

2 thoughts on “Why not a Catholic Society Instead of a Liberal Theocracy?

  1. On the 12th of June. 2013, Ann Coulter on her website cited Steve Sailer in her attack against the stupid greedy Republicans pushing amnesty. Lawrence Auster is spinning in his grave right now.

  2. Some the of Vatican II documents like Dignitatis Humanae show the clear American influence at the Council by way of theologians like John Courtney Murray. It should also be remembered that these documents cannot abrogate prior Church teaching and indeed I believe they actually specifically affirm prior practice (i.e. the confessional state as an ideal). Let us hope the new Pope will provide a more formidable opponent to American cultural imperialism.


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