Environmentalist Pseudo-Religiosity

My longtime friend and correspondent Steve Kogan has an essay  at The Brussels Journal on the pseudo-religiosity and gnostic intolerance of the environmentalist movement.  In particular, Steve, who is a close-reader par excellence, skewers Paul and Anne Ehrlich’s Population Bomb (1968) and its face-saving sequel The Population Bomb Revisited (2009).  Steve’s is an exceptionally fine essay, the first of three parts.  I hope that aficionados of The Orthosphere will take the time to read it.

4 thoughts on “Environmentalist Pseudo-Religiosity

  1. As readers here will know, I have long been opposed to describing liberalism as a religion (as opposed to worldview/philosophy/metaphysic). Religion needs to involve relations with a supernatural agent of some sort. On the other hand, the one specific type of lefty that one could plausibly attribute genuine religiosity to is the environmentalist, who often has animist leanings.

    • I actually find environmentalists encouraging in a way. Because of their genuine religiosity, they are more likely to be open to traditionalism than liberal technocrats.

  2. Human beings are innately religious creatures. In their confusion, they tend to divinize just about anything. Atheism, for example, divinizes its own vacuity.


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