Learning to like the SPLC

Like most reactionaries, I have harbored an intense hatred for the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization whose purpose seems to be to paint bright targets on people like me for the benefit of timid employers and bold antifa terrorists.  However, if Charlotte Allen’s Weekly Standard article on the SPLC is to be believed, I have completely misjudged them.  It appears that the SPLC’s primary function is to fleece rich, gullible liberals out of their charity money.  Ordinarily, I would be against such a thing, but in this case it may be the lesser evil.  Consider Allen’s point that other Leftist legal charities, like the ACLU, are more honest and efficient with donations.  That means each dollar given to SPLC could have done much more evil if it had been given to the ACLU instead.  I’m feeling a strange appreciation for Morris Dees for doing just what a reactionary secret agent should have been doing all these years.

10 thoughts on “Learning to like the SPLC

  1. Peter Brimelow’s site has been claiming for years that their purpose is to fleece old, wealthy, holocaust-haunted Jews.

  2. Nah. A constant stream of hate propaganda against decent people directed into the minds and wives of rich people affects their life and charity decisions in a far worse manner than the existence of an effective if malicious legal organization. The ACLU could not get away with half the specious arguments it does if the SPLC had not created the background climate of fear and hate of The Evil Normals among the chattering classes.

    Too clever by half, in any case. Do you hope to build your new world by out-scoundreling the scoundrels? Do you hope to plant lies in the highest places and not expect a harvest? If so, reaction has exhausted its usefulness.

    • Yes, if I were a reactionary secret agent running a scam Leftist advocacy group, I would also pull stunts like that to make Leftists look like asses.

      • A false flag operation/secret-double agent service to make enlightened modernity/leftism/liberalism look bad sounds great.

  3. Hahah, that is quite interesting. The $PLC is a ridiculous organization full of conmen, whiners, and liars(which basically sums up all leftists) and I would have never thought that it was of any use.

    • “White”? The prime movers at the $PLC are and have been Jewish Communist lawyers. Dees was raised in a Jewish family, Beirich, Potok, Brooks, etc. are Tribals. And, while it definitely is a Wall St.-connected money-racket, large numbers of good people on the Right have been attacked and destroyed by the $PLC over the years.

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