What Are Catholics To Do?

I’ve got another column up at Catholic World Report that may be of interest. Basically it says we live in a radically technocratic world and have to drop out from it in important ways. Otherwise all the talk of a “New Evangelization” won’t go anywhere because we won’t have anything to offer.

6 thoughts on “What Are Catholics To Do?

  1. Good piece! And I agree. Although it’s not popular, we will have to drop out in some very important ways. It’s nice to see something like that get posted over at the Catholic World Report, as it’s full of classical liberals, I’m sure it’s not something they read/hear often.

    Mr. Kalb, do you have any new books coming out? I very much enjoyed your “Tyranny of Liberalism” and am hoping to read more by you!

  2. I think the recent trend of events is making a lot of people less assimilationist. We’ll see though.

    And I should have another book out in the next couple of months. It’s on inclusiveness, which sounds like a bore, but it’s the supreme moral and spiritual principle today so somebody has to take it on.

    • Huzzah! 🙂
      I’ll be looking forward to it!

      “It’s on inclusiveness, which sounds like a bore,”
      Actually I think it will be interesting, not boring. But regardless, your right, it is a very pertinent issue and I’m glad to see that your the one taking it on, this will be a good book, I can tell already!

      Good luck with the book Mr. Kalb, hope it reaches a wide audience (God knows we need it to!).

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