Reclaiming Beauty

Fellow orthospherean Kidist Paulos Asrat has a new project, with a new site: Reclaiming Beauty. She’s just gotten started, and already it’s well worth a look. Those who are interested in architecture and design will find it particularly interesting.

And sad. Our civilization was once much more beautiful than it has been since the Second World War. Is not the sheer ugliness and discomfort of modernism in design a sufficient indication of modernism’s philosophical wickedness and falsity?


Synchronicity alert: I went over to Kidist’s site to grab the URL so I could paste it supra, and found that she had just posted there my Amazon review of physicist John Barrow’s book on beauty, wherein I make a point parallel to the argument in my second paragraph above:

… animal minds and bodies subjected to natural selection are in big trouble if they embody propositions about the world, and therefore about the appropriate way to behave, that are in any important way essentially wrong.

One thought on “Reclaiming Beauty

  1. I need to say it somewhere. Heaven forbid, why is the website Reclaiming Beauty so hideous? We need a real graphic designer up in there.


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