Gildas the Wise: Patron Saint of the Orthosphere?

Over at Touchstone’s Mere Comments, James Kushiner has a short item about St. Gildas the Wise, a 6th Century British monk who wrote of the depravity of the British nation and the horrors of the Anglo-Saxon invasion. A quote from Kushiner:

In his treatise, On the Ruin of Britain, he writes of the current Anglo-Saxon invasions of Britain and cites the moral laxity and infidelity of Christians as their cause. During earlier periods of scarcity and suffering, the Christians had remained faithful and trusted in God. But in a recent time of prosperity, they had forgotten God. Rampant immorality, corrupt clergy, and selfish leaders plagued the land. (Sound familiar?)

And from Gildas:

Whatever my attempt shall be in this epistle, made more in tears than in denunciation, in poor style, I allow, but with good intent, let no man regard me as if about to speak under the influence of contempt for men in general, or with an idea of superiority to all, because I weep the general decay of good, and the heaping up of evils, with tearful complaint. On the contrary, let him think of me as a man that will speak out of a feeling of condolence with my country’s losses and its miseries, and sharing in the joy of remedies.

“In poor style, I allow, but with good intent.” Written just like a blogger! God send there may be soon some remedies. St. Gildas Sapiens, pray for us!

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