Gates of Vienna has Vanished from the Web

NEW UPDATE (Monday 21 January): Gates of Vienna has changed servers and is up and running again at the following web address:

“Baron Bodissey” invites supporters of the website to change out their bookmarks and establish the new URL in their working data bases.  I apologize for forgetting the contributions of “Fjordman” to Gates of Vienna.  Currently, Gates of Vienna hosts the latest installment of Takuan Seiyo’s ongoing essay, “The Bee and the Lamb.”

NEW UPDATE (Sunday 20 January): Gates of Vienna has again vanished from cyberspace.  “Baron Bodissey” explains that, “This one is different.”  G of V has been informed by Google of a “Terms of Service complaint regarding malicious
code on your blog.”  In response to the complaint, Google has “removed the content at issue.”

UPDATE: Gates of Vienna is accessible once again.  “Baron Bodissey” reports about the outage at the site.  We hope that all is well and that the disappearance was merely a technical glitch.

From earlier today: I can only take it as an ominous sign that “Baron Bodissey’s” website Gates of Vienna has, since early this morning, vanished from the web.  Gates of Vienna has been the single best site for tracking the issue of Islam in Europe and was host to such writers as Takuan Seiyo and El Ingles, among many others.  I speculate, but Gates of Vienna has had an ongoing dispute with Swedish Broadcasting over a World War II-era graphic design, with the words “En Svensk Tiger” (“A Swede Remains Silent”).  The totalitarians at Swedish Broadcasting clearly had it in for Gates of Vienna.  I hope that through some other channel, “Baron Bodissey” or “Dymphna” will be able to clarify the situation.

8 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna has Vanished from the Web

  1. Do not forget the great writer Fjordman! I certainly hope it was just some error that will be fixed but I would not for a second put it past the totalitarians to do something sneaky.

  2. Is this the early beginning of attempts to scrub the internet of all web sites not consonant with the prevailing liberal hegemony? Similarly, I personally ran into a computer in a place of business where View from the Right was closed out because of “Hatred and Violence.”


  3. I would assume that ever since the Breivik atrocity they have received much more scrutiny and I wouldn’t be shocked if hackers are responsible.

  4. This happened to Mangan. Google’s customer support is heroically bad. It’s even worse when you’re not paying them.

  5. I dunno about the code excuse. I had a very simple blogspot blog with ONLY videos from Muslim fanatics themselves talking the usual trash. There was only one sentence: “Resist Arab Imperialism.” Very few comments, nothing about death threats or violence that I recall.

    A few days after I noticed some visitor IPs from West Coast (U.S.) law firms, my Blogger blog was pulled and locked – poof! Gone.

    WordPress trashed Bare Naked Islam. I would be very careful of Blogger from now on. Typepad tolerates Geller, so maybe that’s safe. Otherwise, get your own host – but even they could be subject to Islamofascist terrorist pressure.


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