Borg message to Christians: You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

Over at First Things:  At EU Faithful Christians Need Not Apply?  I was all set to cheer on a besieged faithful Christian.  Then I learned more about him:

Borg was grilled for three hours at a hearing before the European Parliament last Tuesday afternoon. Right out of the box, leftist MEPs demanded to know his position on LGBT rights and abortion. Borg had been accused of saying derogatory things about homosexuals and of denying them basic rights. He disarmed his accusers by outright denying he had ever said anything unkind about homosexuals and asserted that not only did he agree with European laws on non-discrimination, but that they should seek out and put an end to all forms of homophobia anywhere in the European Union.

So, Mr. “faithful Catholic” Tonio Borg promises to launch a merciless persecution to eradicate every religion and culture that embraces the truth about men and women (“homophobia”).  He will seek out and obliterate every law and custom that recognizes the patriarchal family as normative (“discrimination”), and he will impose the androgynist utilitarian system everywhere, even though this would mean the extinction of his own putative faith and national culture.  Not long ago, we were lamenting this same pathologization of moral sanity by Justin Welby, ArchWeasel of Canterbury, but really the Maltese Catholic Borg is much worse.  At least the Anglicans aren’t making tyrannical threats about “seeking out and putting an end to” all non-approved thoughts over an entire continent.

And the outcome?

Through a combination of canniness and capitulation, Tonio Borg was approved last week as the new European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection. The final vote was 386-281 with 28 abstentions…

Borg joins 26 other “Commissioners” as the rulers of Europe on what is perhaps the least democratic “democratic” body on Earth.

12 thoughts on “Borg message to Christians: You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

    • Wishful thinking. I know that the EU, like what the USA has become, cannot last: both are built on lies. But no one knows when they will collapse. It took seven decades for the Soviet house of lies to self-destruct. What makes us think that our modern totalitarians will be any less resilient?

      • Well, the islamists are advancing fast. I don’t see Britain, France nor Benelux surviving the next 35 years, much less 70. At least the soviets didn’t bring in invading enemy populations, in this respect the liberals are worse then stalin.

  1. The poet Roy Campbell spoke the truth quite elegantly in a footnote to one of his poems. He was referring to the open Communists of his day but this could be about “moderates” today:

    “More people have been imprisoned for Liberty, humiliated and tortured for Equality, and slaughtered for Fraternity in this century, than for any less hypocritical motives, during the Middle Ages.”

  2. In Bavarian media they’ve been discussing the Mollath case, which brings to light how easy it is to lock up dissenters as insane.

    And now this, in the neighboring southern state, where there’s an anonymous hotline for “outing” people who have expressed right-wing views. They’re not charged with any crime, but they get visited by the police, who offer to counsel them… and everyone they know, like friends, family, employers. It’s been quite a success so far, in the effort to change hearts and minds.

  3. In Liberty, Equality, Fraternity (c.1870), James Fitzjames Stephen said that religious liberty was merely a transitional phase between state religions. He was right (and not just about this). In 1662 the Act of Uniformity was passed in England to establish religious tests. People who refused to conform to the doctrines and rites that were laid out in the Book of Common Prayer became Nonconformists, and they were barred from positions in the Anglican Church, the government, and the universities. Well it’s 1662 all over, my friends, only this time there will be no Christians in “the Cathedral.”

    The purpose of persecution is to attach penalties to fidelity (in this case fidelity to Christ) and rewards to conversion (in this case conversion to liberalism). Imagine how much harder it will be for a young adult to keep his faith when he learns that all the best educational and career opportunities are closed to him!

    • I’m glad to hear people still read Stephen…. He was an atheist himself, of course, but he was sympathetic to traditional culture and against the liberalism of Mill. At some point, I intend to get round to doing a post about him on my blog.

  4. I hadn’t read this story, but I suspect that it has more to do with left/right power struggles within the European Parliament than with Catholic morality. It was the same with Rocco Buttiglione, if you remember him. Religion is generally a cover for politics in these controversies. Politique d’abord, as Maurras used to say.

    Incidentally, the President of the EU, Herman van Rompuy, is a committed Catholic (of the sincerely practising sort, not the Pelosi sort).


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