Highway Haiku

I have spotted a number of memorable road signs and bumper stickers over the years. Many are trenchant commentaries; some are evocative, even wise. Herewith, a few that have stayed with me for more than a decade. First, signs:

  • Turn on headlights in clouds
  • Bad curves ahead
  • No sight distance
  • Have money ready
Now, bumper stickers:
  • Back off, man: I’m a scientist!
  • No baby on board – OK to hit car
  • Still Playing Tonka (on an 18-wheeler)

Other candidates?

4 thoughts on “Highway Haiku

  1. It takes 8,460 bolts to build a car, and only one nut to scatter them all over the freeway.

    If you can read this, you’re too close (small print)

  2. It’s not a road sign or a bumper sticker, but I have a fond memory of a hand-written note taped to the cash register of a diner in a small town somewhere in South Dakota:

    “No checks cashed for strangers.”


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