Thanks to Larry Auster for pointing readers to this New York Times article on the Muslim riots, which contains one of the funniest lines I’ve ever read in a news article:

In a number of these countries, particularly Egypt and Tunisia, he [Rob Malley, the Middle East-North African program director for the International Crisis Group] said, “the state has lost a lot of its capacity to govern effectively. Paradoxically, that has made it more likely that events like the video will make people take to the streets and act in the way they did.”

Pause, my friends, and think about what a counter-intuitive world we live in.  Lack of an effective police power can actually make rampaging mobs more likely rather than less likely.  In case you’re not seeing the paradox, remember that, for Times readers, people only riot because they’re oppressed.

4 thoughts on “Paradox

  1. Customarily, when you encounter a paradox, it reveals a lacking in your model of the world. By resolving the paradox, you can more perfectly approximate Reality.
    Perhaps it is encouraging that they describe this as a ‘paradox’…


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