Introduction to “Why You are Demoralized…”

Liberalism’s basic appeal is freedom: For nonwhites, freedom from oppression by whites. For women, freedom from oppression by men. For all people, freedom from traditional morality, religion, authority, material want, and so on.

It’s the same satanic appeal the Serpent made to Eve in the Garden of Eden: “Did God really say…?” (that is, the traditional authorities are not to be trusted) and “You shall be like God,” (that is, you can live on your own terms.)

And most non-conservatives think that the basic conservative message is “You must obey our rules!”  Compared with the liberal message of “You can be your own god!,” conservatism doesn’t look good at first glance.

How can we traditionalists counter the appeal of liberalism? Why would anyone want to join our enterprise?

Because we, by default, have become something like the keepers of the goods people need in order to live.

God, true religion, objective morality, knowledge of philosophically first things, higher culture, family, nation, honor, beauty, and so on, all have been taken from today’s youth. In reality, all these things still exist. But our liberal rulers have denigrated and obscured them, by demanding that all men worship the false gods of equality and nondiscrimination. If all are to be equally free, all of the goods noted above must be denied.

Deprived of what they need, the young have become demoralized. Many of them function well at the superficial tasks of life, but all (with the exception of the tiny fraction who have discovered the wisdom of the ages) have become demoralized.

Therefore our basic appeal should be this:

“We know why you are demoralized: they have taken away the goods you need in order to live. We know where these goods can be found. Let us help you find them.

“And when you find them, you will have discovered a lost civilization: your own. These goods all belonged to your ancestors, and they are therefore yours by right of birth. Claim your birthright, and join us in preserving the civilization of our people.”

Making this appeal is the purpose of my essay “Why You are Demoralized and What You Must do About it.” It explains how the worship of equality and freedom denies the goods that men need in order to live. It also gives some general advice on how to find these goods. The intended audience is not the typical Orthosphere reader, and the essay is not written like a typical Orthosphere post.  It’s aimed at those who have not yet joined our enterprise.

Since the appeal is personal, the essay often uses the first and second persons: “We know why you are demoralized.” Near the end of the essay, I identify “us” as traditionalist conservatives. And I recommend, as a first, step, that the reader introduce himself to traditionalist thought by reading the best of the wider Orthosphere blogs: VFR, Thinking Housewife, etc. In order to obtain a good, you must identify those who have it and spend time with them.

I regard the essay as a work in progress. If a commenter makes a good point about how it could be improved, I’ll make the modification. But remember the essay’s purpose: To attract and educate those who have not yet joined our movement.

To read the essay, go here.

4 thoughts on “Introduction to “Why You are Demoralized…”

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  3. I’m afraid I haven’t time to read the full essay right now, but would say that, when speaking of demoralization, it is important to remember that the word has two distinct if related meanings. It can mean discouraged and it can mean undisciplined. The trick is to persuade a person that he feels discouraged because he is undisciplined. We see much the same thing in the word anomie, which is really a synonym for demoralized. The anomic person lacks a nomos, and he consequently feels aimless and apathetic.

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