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Nerd Princesses and Babies

Did you know Alte is the “true Nerd Princess of the Orthosphere“?  Awesome!  I get all giddy just thinking about our “sphere” having a nerd princess.  I’m such a beta.

Speaking of which, Traditional Christianity had a post up (by Elspeth, who’s also an Orthosphere Princess) on co-sleeping a while ago.  Apparently the city of Milwaukee is on a jihad to stop mothers from sleeping with their babies.  They’re worried parents will roll over and squish the little ones, or something like that.  I have some experience in this matter–Julie having decided a little before her first birthday that it was time for her to move into bed with mommy and daddy, and the stronger will overpowering the weaker two–that cribs were not designed to protect babies; they were designed to protect fathers.  Trust me, little people are total bed hogs.  More mornings than not, I’ll wake to find myself holding onto the edge of the bed–where someone has pushed me–trying to keep from falling off.

Men and Women

Will S. at Patriactionary links to a brilliant set of posts F. Roger Devlin defending patriarchy.

Whither Jewry?

Justin helpfully summarizes the statistical data showing that American Jews remain overwhelmingly a Leftist bunch.  (The alleged tendency of Jews to disagree with each other doesn’t extend to the topic of abortion, for example.)  What happens, though, when we look to the future, or even to the present outside our own country?  Will the growth of Orthodoxy and the political experience of Israel (where Jews must take responsibility for preserving a nation with which they identify, and criticizing from the sidelines from a position of morally superior alienation is not an option) strain this love affair with the Left?  They already are.  Steve Sailer is already pointing to Israel for an example of how intelligent people deal with “illegal infiltrators”.  Also, the Tablet has a fascinating report on a recent academic conference on the death of the Jewish-Leftist alliance.  Since these are academics, they see the question as whether Jews shall be revolutionary Leftists or only liberals–as if those were the two extremes of the political spectrum.  Still, some of the statements made were notable.  Michael Walzer argues that Jewish Leftism’s invocation of the prophets is illegitimate.  The prophets had no interest in democracy or revolution; what they wanted was an end to idolatry and submission to God.  Other speakers spoke harshly of the Jewish Left’s dalliance with communism, properly treating communism as a genuine evil rather than an excusable excess of enthusiasm.  I noticed that English-speaking Jewish magazine articles like this one still write as if it were a proven fact that the Torah is not divinely inspired.  I suspect (and hope) that is will not be true a century from now, given which Jewish groups are most likely to still be around then.

Thinking about the Right

Summaries of conservative belief vary widely in quality, so throwing up a picture of Joseph de Maistre on top is a good way of signaling that you’re going to do a good job of it.  And Samuel Goldman does do a good job here of explaining to the Corey Robins of the world the differences between an extreme reactionary and a fascist.

See also R. J. Snell’s post on the Trinitarian grounding of the Right’s anti-individualism.

23 thoughts on “Miscellaneous: around the web

  1. Oh dear. Could he have found a less-flattering anecdote? LOL I’ve decided to make my avatar full Orthonerd, in honor of the occasion. 🙂

  2. I am honored that you linked to me, Bonald. Sir. Great one.

    Thank you. I don’t know that I’ve ever been called a princess before.

    • > Oh my god… he said Joos…

      I’m the Orthosphere writer who’s always going on about Jews, remember?

      > Co-sleeping? Meh… a pox on both their houses. It is, however, the only
      > barrier method approved by the Vatican…

      And it works, too.

  3. I’d like to ask a question. What is conservatism? Is it to CONSERVE EUROPEAN CULTURE? So why are an Eastern People, a people who are NOT Europeans, telling me what to think and how to act? Is that not a gross anomaly? Do you not find that strange? I do. And I can’t figure out why you are called the “Orthosphere”! I can’t even find reason to believe that the Brussels Journal is “conservative”? Or the Weekly Standard?

    Who is to re-construct European Culture? Eastern people?

    You guys are off your rocker!

    • wlindsaywheeler,

      We have a strict commenting policy (see here: http://orthosphere.org/about/comments-policy/), which we apply automatically and impartially, which forbids personal insults to the authors or other commenters. This first post of yours does not violate the policy, but your follow-up posts do. I invite you to re-express your thoughts more respectfully.

      • Hi Will,

        Let me explain. When I pulled wlindsaywheeler’s comment, I also took out the retaliatory emails that could also be thought of as insulting. I did this for two reasons. First, to enforce the rule with strict impartiality, which protects me from the charge of unfairly penalizing commenters I don’t agree with. Second, because it seemed pointless and unsportsmanlike to leave up replies to a comment that had been removed. It might make you and Bruce look bad if we left up your replies to wlindsaywheeler’s removed comments so that people would think you were responding that way to his original, less offensive, comment.

        Of course, you’re still in completely good standing at The Orthosphere, if that’s what you’re asking.

      • Okay; fair enough. Though I actually was responding to the post of his which is still up, but I suppose it was a bit tit-for-tat of me, so it’s probably just as well, anyway. Cheers.

    • “Orthodox” is not just the title of a religious denomination. Othodox, which comes from adding the Greek word for “correct” or “straight” to the Greek word for “belief” or “praise”, means “correct beliefs”, and all Christians who believe in the doctrines expressed in the Creeds are “orthodox”.

      “Eastern” in “Eastern Orthodox”, does not mean “Eastern” in the sense of Oriental or even Levantine. When the Christian Church split into the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches, in the 11th Century, it was a division between Christians in the Latin and Greek speaking parts of the former Roman Empire, which had grown apart culturally after the Empire had split. The Eastern Orthodox Churches are the Byzantine churches.

      The “orthodox” in Orthosphere, is clearly the generic kind of orthodoxy and not the denomination. As the About section says “We are Christians: Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox. We believe our religion is true, and we take the Bible and the Church Fathers as our guides to the faith. We do not innovate religiously, for that is folly”. I think most of the contributors here are Roman Catholics, although I see at least one Anglican and one Reformed on the contributors list.

  4. The Milwaukee anti-co-sleeping program is an attempt to get black folks to stop killing their babies, not whites.

    Blacks have huge infant mortality rates as compared to whites and Asians. This is particularly extreme in places like Wisconsin, where virtually the entire black population are ghetto-dwellers in Milwaukee.

    These disparate rates have been propagandized as evidence of “white racism” (as in, “how else could white babies survive and thrive better than black babies if not for white racism?”)

    Since Milwaukee is the home of virtually all ghetto blacks in Wisconsin, the white folks feel compelled (by guilt and shame, if nothing else) to try and stop blacks from killing their babies through neglect. That is the reason that white people have started this “anti-co-sleeping” campaign.

    They cannot make it explicitly race-based, or course. Imagine what would happen if they told it like it is: ” LaQuaNeshia, you weigh 280 pounds. If you come home drunk and fall asleep on your bed with your baby, you can kill it when you roll over.”

    Yet that is precisely the race-based motivation behind this campaign: reduce the disparity of black infant mortality and white/Asian infant mortality. The disparity cannot be reduced if both white folks and black folks change, it can only be reduced if black folks change. Hence the investment in anti-co-sleeping. Co-sleeping causes way more black deaths than white deaths.

    So don’t take it personally, white girls.

    • Actually, the white and black infant mortality rates in Milwaukee are both pretty awful (higher than the statewide norms) and the gap between white and black is smaller there than in most other parts of the state (although interestingly, blacks in Dane County, where Madison is, have closed the infant mortality gap with whites and both have lower overall infant mortality than the statewide norms). The cosleeping campaign is probably not quite as racially motivated (unconscious or consciously) as your frame because the actual data on the ground doesn’t support such a strong race-frame.

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  6. Steven Plaut also talks about the Jewish left, but it has more to do with Leftism than the Jews themselves. Not to mention they’re also the bunch that promotes conspiracy theories about themselves. It’s kinda hilarious. As for communism, I have my own qualms about that, more so because I have an interest in Soviet history and that Soviet communism was vastly different than Chinese or North Korean communism. In their history (Chinese, respectively) they genuinely don’t care for death. It just happens and they move on.


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