The case for right-wing triumphalism

North Carolina has passed an amendment to its state constitution banning gay “marriages” by a wider-than-expected margin of 22 points. The sentiment among leftists is muted triumphalism: you’ve won the battle, but we’ll win the war; in 150 years everyone will roll their eyes and laugh at this; that sort of thing.

Well, no, you probably won’t win. I think we all intuit the natural instability of leftism. They’re contracepting, aborting, and sodomizing themselves into nonexistence. I think of two close friends of my girlfriend, both of them devout, married Catholics. One couple, in their late 20s, has three kids, and will almost certainly have more. The other, in their early 30s, just had their fifth, and will probably have at least one more. These folks aren’t exactly of the SSPX or FSSP sort, but they’re the kind who pray the rosary for an end to abortion and vote accordingly, and the kind of folks whose families tend to produce vocations. By contrast, among my leftist friends, fertility is exactly zero. Not a single one of them has a child. Of them, I think maybe two-thirds will die childless and the rest will, maybe, consent to engineer one designer baby when they’re 42.

Truly devout Christians are an extreme minority everywhere right now, but so what? That puts us in the position we were in during the early Roman Empire, at worst. And like the Roman Empire, the numbers are trending all the wrong ways for our enemies. How long can institutional liberalism survive when its committed foes are outbreeding it by ratios of upwards of 5:1 or 6:1? When we are doubling in size every generation while they are declining slightly year-over-year? When they are kept alive only by a vast, intrusive system of economic patronage — affirmative action, sexual harassment seminars, state-subsidized indoctrination at leftist universities which are, in turn, kept in high demand only by an endless flow of government makework jobs for womyn’s studies majors — all of which is now unraveling as the monstrous debt bubble blown into the economy over the last few decades deflates? The only leftist constituencies that aren’t sterile and geriatric are the ones too incompetent to lead leftism once the Professor McGillicuddys, Senator Squarejaws, and dagger-faced lesbian nuns have all died.

The more intelligent leftists, I think, know this. I suspect that’s why they’re upping the stakes with each successive generation, sharpening their knives in preparation for the intensification of the persecution they’ll inevitably have to undertake to delay this collapse. Personnel is policy, and their policies are getting (understandably) desperate. But again — so what? They aren’t worthy opponents of us. There’s not a Marcus Aurelius among them. They can send us singing to our martyrdoms by the hundreds, and we’ll still wait them out. We’ve done it before, and in the face of far greater odds and more dangerous enemies than this band of gangly, hollow-chested, degenerate, pervert misfits.

(All of this is probably unduly triumphalist, but then, the only point of this exercise was to demonstrate that we have more cause for celebration than our enemies).

25 thoughts on “The case for right-wing triumphalism

  1. Very true. Of my group of acquaintances, I know of exactly one non-trad who even wants more than 1 child, let alone 4+

    • Two things in response to this: first, I count public schools as part of the “vast, intrusive system of economic patronage” which supports leftism and which is falling apart alongside the economy. In most places budgets are getting slashed and gratuitous teachers are being let go. Second, while public school is no doubt an overtly pernicious influence and probably far less dispensable than universities, it is also less pernicious than universities, and its pernicious elements are extraneous to its core mission (which, for reactionaries, is unobjectionable), and those extraneous elements are heavily tied in with funding sources that are rapidly drying up. This will especially be the case when the federal education budget gets slashed to the bone, as it inevitably must. If schools can’t even keep their football teams and music programs running, they’re not likely to keep state-funded gay pride clubs.

      • Unfortunately a lot of the indoctrination is to the very core of the public schools. Even if leftist clubs are cut, that doesn’t stop social studies teachers from attacking Christianity during lecture.

      • You can see primary and secondary spending per-pupil in government schools over time here. Every year, without fail, expenditures per student (in inflation-adjusted dollars) goes up. The table runs through the 2008/9 school year, which is well into the current recession. Furthermore the number of students has also been rising, as have instructional, non-instructional, and administrative staff. As have teacher salaries (not included are the prodigious, rapidly rising value of benefits). You can piece together some information from more recent school years here. School staff rose 0.4% from the 2008/9 to 2009/10 school year. Then it fell 2.5% between 2009/10 and 2010/11. This decrease is the only one, ever. I’m not impressed with the horrible austerity this coddled, overpaid, underworked, ludicrously overpraised bunch of leftoid clients is undergoing. Nor am I impressed with the even more modest horrible austerity some academics are undergoing.

        Someday, the Chinese are going to stop importing T-bills. On that day, our elite is going to be faced with very hard choices. But that day has not come yet. Our elite has not faced any such choices yet. Our elite has not cut back significantly on its patronage or on its own booty, yet. Someday, but not yet. What happens when the day of hard choices comes is a hard question, and I don’t know why you think that things will work out well for us on that day.

  2. What Rottweiler said. Leftists have control of the education system (and the media too), so as long as our children are going through those, they have the opportunity to “convert” them.

    But there is hope. Raising your child right and instilling strong Christian values and principles will help them in the future so much more than you think.

    Though it would be infinitely better for conservatives to homeschool their children, or find a school that isn’t run by leftists.

    • Unless liberals are going to try and outright exterminate trads, education isn’t going to work. Resistance to the liberal virus is rather highly heritable, so even if liberals were somewhat successful, they would only succeed in creating a hardier strain of resistance.

      • The Man Who Was . . .: “Unless liberals are going to try and outright exterminate trads…”

        Chronic mass immigration and forced mingling equals extermination, and it’s law already.

        You can forget heritable resistance to liberalization, and anything else that is heritable, including the brains to be a potential alternative elite.

        Accepting genocide, which is happening, means accepting ultimate defeat.

    • Raman, in my church, an Orthodox Church in Western Canada, the vast majority of young parents are home-schooling. A few send their children to a “Christian” school (where two of the parents work as teachers) and I know of only one couple who has their children in public school… a “Traditional” school. There is hope… we live IN the world, but are not part OF the world 😉

  3. Public education is the reason why, in the United States, it makes sense to have a more libertarian position: school vouchers. It is beyond my understanding why this isn’t pushed more vocally by strongly religious people. Where I live, the school district spends over $20,000 per student. That is an outrage. Thus, my kids are in the public educational system, and I send them to Sunday school at the local parish school. Paying for private education is simply prohibitive. In a sense, I sometimes wish for the collapse of the public education system, so taxpayers and parents vote with their feet towards private education.

    Were vouchers become the law of the land, the breeding would bring a quicker victory.

  4. God will grant us the victory. The only blood spilled will be ours, but we will win without firing a shot. It pleases our Lord to “disarm the powers and authorities, make a public spectacle of them, and triumph over them by the Cross.”

  5. ratios of upwards of 5:1 or 6:1

    You need to read Eric Kaufmann; the ratios are nowhere near that lopsided. Trads have about a 1 child advantage over seculars. That’s significant and, if it keeps up, it will swing things around, but that isn’t going to happen for another 100 year or so.

  6. Liberalism does not reproduce biologically…at least not primarily. Liberalism reproduces ideologically. Liberals do not focus on making their own children, they focus on molding other people’s children in their image. If they manage to ban homeschooling or at least ban teaching anything contrary to liberalism their ability to turn your children against you is far more formidable than you imagine.

    • “……their ability to turn your children against you is far more formidable than you imagine”.

      This is true. Parental influence is often attenuated not just by the ethos of liberal schooling but also by peer pressure on adolescents.

    • You nailed it perfectly, machomanmadness. Liberals aren’t born, they are made!
      End their control of the media, K-12 education, and the human resource departments of corporate America and it’s over for them. The internet is breaking their control of the media. All we need is just partial control, about a third to a half of the other two institutions and that should be enough.

      • End their control of the media, K-12 education, and the human resource departments of corporate America

        Just like that. Snap!

  7. This reasoning is common among neocons. Thus, you should suspect that it is wrong, since their charism is to be completely wrong about everything. As many people have pointed out, above and elsewhere, liberalism has gotten big by converting sane people, not by out-reproducing them. Why should it suddenly stop being able to do so? Certainly not for cultural reasons. The culture gets more comfortable for liberals and more uncomfortable for sane people with each passing year.

    Could it be for genetic, evolutionary reasons? To get rapid evolution of phenotype, you need both high heritability and a large reproduction advantage. Neither seems to exist. Maybe if the current environment persisted for a thousand years (that’s how long it took Ashkenazis to evolve their 5-10 point IQ advantage over whites, for example). But the current environment is not going to persist for a thousand years . . .

    If you want to argue that our side is going to win in the US on demographic grounds, the argument has to look like:

    1. The country becomes majority Latino
    2. ???
    3. Profit.

    I can think of a couple things which might be slightly plausible to put in 2, but I can’t think of any knock-down arguments.

    • One of the big media memes are the political implications that come with an aging and shrinking white population, that progressive victory is inevitable as the country becomes minority majority. Once those pesky white people are out of the way, something like utopia will dawn. It may be cold comfort, but non-whites do not share the values of white leftists. Not even anti-racism, for minorities anti-racism is just a convenient vehicle for their own identity politics. Gay marriage is reliably unpopular amongst non-whites. So with low-fertility white leftists on one side and high-fertility browns and white trads one the other, if gay marriage doesn’t happen soon its opportunities will gradually recede over time.

      • Maybe (and I agree that this is one plausible story). On the other hand, blacks don’t like gays. However, black’s monolithic voting patterns have promoted the interests of gays very effectively. There are lots of issues, and only two parties, so weird stuff happens all the time.

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  9. The victory seems to be on the side of liberal modernity. Think about how casually you mention your “girlfriend” as something that should be accepted without question as something normal. girlfriend and boyfriend are unnatural institutions created in the recent past to legitimize premarital sexual encounters among women in the 1960s who wanted to have premarital sex without appearing like sluts since it is with their “boyfriend”. Think of how absurd it is when grandmas talk about their new “boyfriend”. Exclusivity without marriage is immoral and idiotic. It is not something advocated by Catholic morality. This goes to show how pervasive and subtle the invasion of liberalism is into all sphere of life, and how difficult it is to resist.

    The Boyfriend Invention:

    Also, I believe liberalism does not really care how many children you have, they know parents cannot fight the whole world by themselves. They know that most of your children will fall for their seduction and become liberals, so while you do the hard work of training and raising your children, they will intice and indoctrinate them while young and forever beyond, joining their camp while they do nothing to raise them.

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