Keeping “Julia” in perspective

If you haven’t already, check out the Obama campaign’s effort to appeal to women — a slideshow depicting how his policies will impact “Julia,” a faceless, shapeless, cardboard cutout of a woman, at various points of her life.

The response to this interesting, because by and large without exception it demonstrates the overwhelmingly leftist climate of the present age. The objections are all that the slideshow is “regressive” and “demeaning.”

But, I mean, really, are we denying the fact that Obama’s Presidency has been a massive boon to this underclass of sterile feminist shrikes who can’t make it on their own without government bureaucrats (especially other sterile feminist shrikes) hurling burlap-sacks-with-conspicuous-dollar-signs-on-them full of cash through their bedroom windows? Of course it has been; he’s been a dream for feminists. If “Julia” is an insult to women, it’s only because feminism is unworthy of women. A sane society would understand this and order itself accordingly.

4 thoughts on “Keeping “Julia” in perspective

  1. “… feminism is unworthy of women.”

    Teaching this kind of cognitive dissonance to our sons and daughters will merely perpetuate the goal of radical liberalism and its drive towards radical autonomy.

    “Women” aren’t born. They are nurtured and cultivated into existence.

    “Feminism” contains not one scintilla of femininity.

    The war on the young female by “women” wielding “feminism” only seems to ensure that those same young females never reach womanhood by way of expressing true femininity.

  2. Feminism (n.): A creed that makes women feel empowered for doing the things that lustful and caddish men have tried to make them do for millennia.


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