Reactionary Composer of the Week: Roger Scruton

Yes, that Roger Scruton. I assume he needs no introduction around these parts. Scruton has written extensively on music (I recommend his book The Aesthetics of Music, a difficult but rewarding read), as well as doing some occasional composing. Recordings of his two operas, Violet and The Minister, are unfortunately not available, but he has posted a lovely trio of Lorca songs on his blog.

4 thoughts on “Reactionary Composer of the Week: Roger Scruton

  1. For what it is worth, I was present at this 1998 performance of Scuton’s The Minister

    But, while not un-pleasant, it did not make any lasting impression on me. I barely remember it, in fact.

    But then my idea of a good opera is Mozart, Verdi, Wagner, Gilbert & Sullivan, Puccini etc – the most recent opera I whole-heartedly love (in parts – it is terribly long) is Strauss’s Rosenkavalier – although I do much like (parts of) Tippet’s Midsummer Marriage.

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