Christian Apologetics: Giving Reasons to Believe

That’s the name of the latest addition to our Resources list. In it, we give a brief overview of the basic issues and then provide a list of recommend resources (mostly books, so far) arguing for the existence of the God of the Bible, the accuracy of the Bible, the validity of the biblical portrayal of Jesus Christ, the truth of Christian doctrine, and other basic issues.

So far, “we” is not quite the correct word. As of this writing I’m the only author, and so most (but not all) of the resources are Protestant in the sense that they were written by Protestants. That’s only because they are the works with which I’m most familiar, and not because I want to make a major case here for Protestantism. Our overall goal here at is to promote “mere” Christianity.

My non-Protestant colleagues will no doubt add some resources that reflect their views, and any serious Christian work will of necessity sometimes argue for a specific Christian tradition. Nothing wrong with that, but we shall (I hope) exclude any works whose major purpose is to argue for a specific Christian tradition. Or perhaps we can put these works in their own special “handle-with-care” pages.

3 thoughts on “Christian Apologetics: Giving Reasons to Believe

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  2. You could include Ronald Knox. Some works are online–The Belief of Catholics and The Creed in Slow Motion. Elegant, cogent and entirely confrontational statement of the Catholic dogma.

    You could include some Belloc as well. esp The Great Heresies is a necessary work to understand the modern liberalism.


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