Basic blog policies

Since each contributor is free to police his own posts as he sees fit, the following should be considered primarily a loose set of guidelines, although I do reserve the right to intervene outside my own remit if things ever get completely out of hand. (Not that I think they will.)

Thanks go out to Bonald, whose policies at Throne and Altar formed the basis for these.

Any comments containing personal insults toward contributors or commenters will be deleted. By all means feel free to express disagreement, but do it respectfully. Personal insults against third party public figures (e.g. Christopher Hitchens, George W. Bush, Winston Churchill) are allowed, but insults against their families (presuming these are not public figures) are not. One exception is that no disrespect for Jesus Christ will be tolerated. Comments containing personal accusations relevant to the discussion at hand (e.g. claiming that a commenter or contributor is a “false flag operative” or “working for the other side”) will be deleted if they are not backed up with compelling evidence.

While nonbelievers are welcome at this blog (although they will no doubt find some subjects of discussion uninteresting), they must appreciate that one of its purposes is for Christian traditionalists to work out the implications of their worldview. For these intra-Christian, or at least intra-theist, debates, it’s not reasonable for someone to put up an uninformed rant about how God is no different from the tooth fairy and then expect everyone else to drop everything and lay out three millennia of natural theology that he didn’t bother to learn himself. Of course, issues of natural theology should be – and are – debated here, but a Christian can’t be expected to justify every aspect of his worldview every time he opens his mouth. Thus, these sort of “all Christians are stupid” comments are discouraged, except in posts where the truth of Christianity is the actual issue at hand. Someone who steps out of bounds on this will get a warning, while further violations in that discussion will be removed. By nature, this rule is not even-handed – there’s no enforced restrictions on the insults that can be hurled at atheism, Marxism, etc. We don’t believe in neutrality here. However, I ask our Christian commenters to treat others as they would want to be treated.

4 thoughts on “Basic blog policies

  1. Here’s a request: Whenever a contributor cross-posts an article on his blog and at this site simultaneously, his readers should be directed to read the main body of the article at either one site or the other. Comments would be open only where the entire article is posted. These practices would reduce confusion for readers, especially those who frequent both sites.

    It’s hard for readers to track multiple conversations going on at once, and even the authors may find it difficult to distinguish between conversations–who said what, when and where.

    Plus, I don’t want to miss anything!


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