There Will Have to Be a Reckoning

I heard recently that my home state of Maryland is on the verge of legislating gay “marriage” into existence there. I’m not surprised (frankly, I’m only surprised that they’re so far behind the curve of the rest of what is now mainstream liberalism; even the nominally red part of the state in which I grew up was positively filthy with fashionable yuppies). Really, I’m dead to the news.

Which is really a testament to how far liberalism has gone, and is going. Not even ten years ago, when the Supreme Court struck down Texas’ sodomy laws, Justice Scalia warned that this would lead to a push for gay marriage and everyone laughed at him. Well, here it is, and now our enemies are too busy swarming the deserted battlements to wipe the egg from their faces.

It’s easy for us to lose sight of what an historically unprecedented situation we’re in. I cannot find evidence of anything like a total, societal embrace of a vacuous ontological error like gay “marriage” anywhere in prior history. Not even legendary degenerates like Nero and Elegabalus presumed to make their flings the model on which civil law was to be promulgated. Which means that we are living in a society more deranged than the Roman Empire at its worst — in times characterized by historically unparalleled levels of depravity. And that’s to say nothing of the mass serial-killing of infants elevated to the status of a “human right” by the modern elites, from which has flowed waterfalls of blood that demand retribution.

What are we to make of this situation? If our common religion is not false — if, in fact, sins cry out to Heaven for justice — there will have to be a reckoning, a correction. And, indeed, there will be. It is pretty much a central feature of the order of being that evil will always be its own undoing. While the American state ramps up its totalitarianizing efforts, the threats which imperil its continued grasp on the affairs of the nation are mounting unchallenged. The Middle East is burning; the Euro is about to roll over like a well-trained dog; our own economy, crippled by terminal mismanagement, is gradually crapping the bed; and social cohesion has been wrecked by decades of leftist misrule, casually violent identity politics, cultivated dependency on a collapsing welfare and pension system, and the calculated destruction of every subsidiary institution which could possibly withstand the coming crash — all priming us for the harsh punishment soon to be ladled generously over this deserving nation. Because evil is not only its own undoing but, as Augustine pointed out, its own punishment — in every meaningful sense of the word.

16 thoughts on “There Will Have to Be a Reckoning

  1. Meanwhile, people are saying Santorum is unelectable because he’s dared to say harsh things about the slaughter of unborn children:

    My comment, which applies equally well to the gay ‘marriage’ issue:

    “So, what you’re saying is that we will never elect someone who tells us the truth.

    Instead, our votes will go to the one who tells us the sweetest, most flattering lies.

    Apparently we don’t want leaders, we want sycophants.”

    (Thanks for the link, btw. My obscure little blog just got a record number of hits.)

      • It would be much better to have a Christian Europe but I don’t see it coming.

        As much as I despise Islam, it will be funny to see all these left-wingers, feminists and gays (who scream “Racism!” every time somebody speaks against Islam) being the first ones the new Islamic overlords target.

      • imnobody, I would counsel against indulging the notion that it will be “funny” when Western leftists are put to the sword. They are much, much more your brothers than any Muslim ever will be, and the better part of them know not what they do.

  2. As I have said in Oz Conservative (see below), gay marriage is only the logical conclusion of modernity. Next stop: polygamy.

    We are living in an age of depravity indeed.

    The problem is modernity, as Oz has previosly pointed out.

    If all what matters is individual autonomy, if the right of an individual to do whatever he wants trumps anything else, there are no logical grounds to oppose gay marriage.

    And both liberals and conservatives have put personal autonomy (they call it “freedom”) at the center of our culture, society, legal system, politics, family life, etc.

    The undisputed principle is “Do whatever you want”. In relationships is “Do whatever you want with whoever you want as long as he agrees”.

    This is an accepted fact for the whole society. Based on these grounds, there is no reason to oppose gay marriage, polygamy and incestuous relationships.

    This is why these things will eventually come and nothing can stop them. It’s only a matter of time.

    The problem is that conservative are playing in a playing field designed by liberals. As long as they accept the basic tenets of liberalism, there is nothing to do.


    • The undisputed principle is “Do whatever you want”. In relationships is “Do whatever you want with whoever you want as long as he agrees”.

      … and if he disagrees, he’s a closed-minded, judgmental bigot who should keep his opinions to himself. 😉

  3. Gay Marriage was already recognized by Maryland earlier, and it is performed in Washington D.C. Which really makes it defacto performed in Maryland anyways.

  4. The only real question left is what design will we use for our Flag in the oncoming Civil War II. Old Glory, Stars & Bars, the Eagle, the Lion, or the Holy Cross? I would vote for the Cross, with smaller emblems of the others. Because war is on its way. There is only one alternative: slavery.

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  6. “As I have said in Oz Conservative (see below), gay marriage is only the logical conclusion of modernity. Next stop: polygamy..”

    ThThe Thinking Housewife’s recent posts about people’s excessive love for their pets makes me wonder if beastiality might not be the next barrier to break. Then you have the rad lib push for “children’s rights” by pedos and such creatures.

    “Lets go to every one of those family-values politicians on their third or fourth marriage and ask ‘em how the gays getting married were responsible for their various divorces.”

    Ha, Newt should be confronted by a commentator with some guts this time.


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